Woodchoppers Ball

Jay Gordon & Blues Venom

, Jay Gordon and his outfit Blues Venom are indeed again delivering genuine, credible, freehearted Blues Music and are recognized as candid, veracious entertainers and blistering hot, fuel-injected representatives of the Blues World.

Jay Gordon - Seven Time Award Winner, 2012 Grammy® Nominee and Winner of Three 2012 Los Angeles Music Awards

Al Bowman - Founder of the Los Angeles Music Awards. "You are truly the single best guitarist in LA, maybe the US. Few play like you Jay"..

Jay Gordon is endorsed by GRETSCH GUITARS

Wanted to let you know I received Woodchoppers Ball today. The timing is amazing. Yesterday myself and another DJ were talking about if we've found yet what we each would be calling our individual pick for the album of the year. After hearing this I believe I've just found mine! Thanks :) Deb Downtown Deb's 21st Century Blues

Chicago born and California sun drenched Jay Gordon has delivered a sparkling Blues Rocker's solid granite gem. The new album “Woodchoppers Ball” from this seven time award winner, Grammy® Nominee and Gretsch Guitar endorsed artist is a sharp, raw edged Blues diamond that combines intriguing lyrics, outstanding musicianship and is a true memorable listening experience. Seven profound fresh tracks feature artists Sharon Butcher (Bass), Ric Daly, (Drums) , Richie Valens younger brother Mario Ramirez (Saxophone), Rich Wenzel, (Hammond B3) and Rich Gordon (Drums) in different combinations. There are five re-mastered Blues jewels hand picked from Jay Gordon's previous releases that add a certain and honest depth to this new release. Stacked together, these twelve Blues cuts are a clear example of Jay Gordon's and Blues Venom's no nonsense approach to making exceptional Blues Rock. The opening offering “The Stinger” is an off the bat, eye-opening rocker. Gordon's electric guitar work and lyrics drives home to the listener that he is a Blues guitar slinging Bluesman and that is what he was always meant to be. Jay Gordon has the Blues coursing through his veins and is a real “Stinger” with relentless fret work talent . The track “Hobo Hilton” is a mental movie that exposes the story of a Bluesman's lament of being so close to the doorway of fame and fortune but yet it's all so far away. It's classic, dramatic and ascend- ing blues that has the repetitive mantra of a Bluesman just short of popular acclaim and destined riches.
Only from the mind of a certifiable Mad Scientist would come the rocking anthem “Chainsaw Boogie” and honest to goodness, undeniable and verifiable “Chainsaw” Guitar. The unrestrained song is a screaming Rock Party jump starter and the “Chainsaw” Guitar is a smoke belting, unmistakable, indisputable working chainsaw made into a guitar. Together they are a glimpse into the mind of a Bluesman gone wild. It's eccentric entertainment meets untamed party animal. Every Bluesman of note has written a Blues spiritual about living the life and surviving. The cut “Blues Venom” is a melodic tale of such an existence. Being born, dipped and addicted to the music and being existent in the blues is a blessing that is beyond compare in this magic mojo tune. It's a thrilling Blues mixture with a taste of the Delta and the electric buzz of Maxwell Street in Chicago. The dynamic album “Woodchoppers Ball” is unquestionably Jay Gordon's Blues Venom's finest work to date. These 12 Blues cuts are unsurpassed, raw Blues passion. This record is a shining example of Jay Gordon's bottomless reserve of musicality and a testament to the decades of work as a forthright Blues guitarist. From his days working along side Blues giants Albert Collins and Phillip Walker till today, Jay Gordon and his outfit Blues Venom are indeed again delivering genuine, credible, freehearted Blues Music and are recognized as candid, veracious entertainers and blister- ing hot, fuel-injected representatives of the Blues World.
By: Cleve Baker - Confessing The Blues Radio
Jay Gordon and Blues Venom – “Woodchoppers Ball” CD Review – July 2015 Blue Barry – Smoky Mtn. Blues Society

Better sit down for this one! Jay Gordon and Blues Venom has just unleashed their latest CD “Woodchoppers Ball” on the listening world! Oh my gosh. This guy can play guitar, and slide, and sing all night while rocking the planet! As a guitar player he is unreal! Along with amazing slide work and pedal to the metal vocals this guy can turn your head from the opening lick! A twelve cut CD with several songs up to nine minutes long these guys take no prisoners! I guess its blues rock, but call it what you want, they got the stuff. From opening for Johnny Winter, and Albert Collins and Phillip Walker to playing in The Crossroads Fest in 2004 Jay has the credentials. Credentials go so far. HE CAN PLAY! That’s all you need to know. From start to finish you will be shaking your head at these blues anthems! His slide work is just screaming. His guitar work is beyond, and his vocals just drip with soul! I’m usually a little skeptical about these guys with all the pedals and loud guitars, but Jay Gordon and the Blues Venom will knock your shoes off and leave you barefoot wondering what happened. Check out Jay Gordon and Blues Venom. I can see how he has been a Grammy nominee and winner of several awards! With Sharon Butcher on bass, Rich Wenzel on Hammond and piano, Ric Daly on drums along with Rich Gordon Lambert the band rocks. Add in Jay’s guitar, lead, slide, dobro and vocals…..geez! Mario Ramirez on harp lays down the right stuff as well. He’s the younger brother of Richie Valens. Jay produced and arranged the CD so it is exactly what he wants! He wants it bad! I don’t care who you are or what you play, Jay can make you stop in your tracks and take a listen. Absolute screaming blues and soft stuff here and there! A guitar players dream, because chances are real good that you CAN’T play like this! Want that loud party, or coming home from work on a Friday night, kick out the jams, well here it is! Not for the faint of heart or weak in the knees blues fan! Better see for yourself. Jay Gordon and Blues Venom with “Woodchoppers Ball”. From Robert Johnson to Pure Grain Alcohol, he has the Chainsaw Boogie for sure! You’re welcome. Glad to be of help, and super enjoy this one! One love, blue barry – smoky mountain blues society. Midwest Record Entertainment, Reviews, News and Views SHUTTLE JAY GORDON & BLUES VENOM/Woodchoppers Ball: It's Friday afternoon, work is over. But this isn't the kind of Friday that beckons smooth jazz and cocktails, this is the kind of Friday that needs shredding and beer to give the weekend the proper start. Gordon, his guitar and his crew are right there with ya, buddy. Rounding out this set with some tracks from previous sets, this Chicago born hard core blues rocker wears his heart on his sleeve as he delivers the smoking goods and forces you to discharge corpuscles that are dragging their way through your bloodstream rather than pulling their weight. Almost like he never heard the 60s ended, you might think Butterfield will start playing next. Killer stuff that never lets you down. Blues in the Northwest NORMAN DARWEN Jay Gordon & Blues Venom – Woodchoppers Ball (Shuttle Music) Guitarist, singer and bandleader Jay has worked with Phillip Walker and opened for the likes of Albert Collins and Johnny Winter, as well as playing at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Festival in 2004. It is those last two who seem to have left the greatest impression on Jay’s music, with the former being recalled in the way Jay injects great gobs of insanely rocking slide guitar work into this CD, whilst these slabs of improvisation are generally in the power trio format pioneered by the latter – there are keyboards on just five numbers, and Richie Valens’ younger brother Mario Ramirez plays harp on one track. There is maybe a little bit of Eric Sardinas’ influence too – try Jay’s cover of Robert Johnson’s ‘Travelin’ Riverside Blues’. Vocally he can vaguely recall Robert Plant, or sometimes Lil’ Ed or J.B. Hutto, which again may give you a flavour of this set (bassist Sharon Butcher turns in a creditable cover of Koko Taylor’s ‘Voodoo Woman’ too). Naturally enough, there is a Hendrix flavour on occasion too. Hopefully that gives you the general idea – if you like your blues loud, wild and rocking, or slow, impassioned and, er, loud, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Half of this set has been out on older CDs, but even if you already have those, you’re gonna need this set for the likes of the wonderful version of Elmore James’ ‘Stranger Blues’ or Jay’s own totally unfettered, manic ‘Chainsaw Boogie’. NORMAN DARWEN JAY GORDON - www.bluesvenom.com Gordon grew up in Chicago, the center of the blues world. Throughout his career, Jay Gordon has become famous for his slashing guitar solos, his passionate vocals, and his dedication to the blues. While his inspirations have included Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, Clapton and BB King, he does not sound like any of his predecessors and has long had his own distinctive voice. Never interested in merely recreating the past, Jay has moved the blues forward to the 21st century, infusing the music with the fire and power of rock while carving out his own place in the music world.

Gordon has recorded 15 CDs, headlined his own European tours and gained a worldwide reputation. He was one of 50 guitarists picked by Eric Clapton (who was very impressed after hearing one of Jay's CDs) to perform at the 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Jay has played and opened up for many famous artist, such as, Johnny Winter, Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Paul Rogers, and Bad Co., 38 Special, BB King, Def Leopard, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Montgomery Gentry and many more. Jay also played to 250,000 screaming fans at Sturgis, S.D. several times.


Jay Gordon has been featured on nationally syndicated radio program, Blues Deluxe. "Jay Gordon and his band are one of our favorite ways to rock the blues!" said Dave Johnson, host of BLUES DELUXE - which is heard weekly on over 100 stations across the U.S. with a two million-plus listenership. Jay's music is also featured on Electric Blues Radio, and many other stations worldwide.

Jay Gordon the legendary blues rock guitarist was one of the Judges at the 2010 and again 2011 Guitar Center's "King of the Blues contest"

Jay also recorded with the Texas Guitar legend Phillip Walker,

Jay Gordon received the REAL BLUES ANNUAL AWARD, Canada for Best Blues/Rock Guitarist 2001, 2003 and 2006. 2007 Annual South Bay Music Awards Jay won best Blues Band. 2009 Annual South Bay Music Awards Jay won Guitarist of the year. His signature song “Fire & Brimstone Boogie" was one of the hits of the evening. 2012 GRAMMY® Nominee 2012 The 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards Jay Gordon was presented his Nomination for "Americana, Blues, Roots Artist of the Year" from Al Bowman Saturday Night March 10, 2012 at the Hollywood, CA. House of Blues. Jay and his band Blues Venom have also been Nominated for "Rock Album of the Year and Show Case Artist." 2012 Jay won the LAMA Award for Show Case Artist of the Year. 2012 Jay also received the LAMA Producers Choice Award for Guitarist of the year. 2012 His bassist Sharon Butcher received the LAMA Producers Choice Award for Bassist of the year. She also won the 2009 Annual South Bay Music Awards for Bassist of the year.

Jay had two featured songs ( Black Top Alley and Stringstalkin) in a major motion picture “My Brother's War” produced by James Brolin. Jay co-wrote with Keven Kern and played on the first three episodes of “Nightmare on Elm Street” the TV series.

Jay’s songs are used by A&E reality show, “Parking Wars 2008 and 2009 seasons. “Fire & Brimstone Boogie” on episode 21, "Driving Me Wild" on episode 26 & 29, "My Heart Is Heavy" on episode 34 and "Lost In Time" on episode 35.

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