ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE Search for the Hidden Gem Written by
Mike Cavanaugh in Music Reviews,
It’s great to hear a contemporary blues artist who’s been at this for awhile and knows how to write and perform good music.

A. Grigg, Real Blues Magazine -
Thank God for Jay Gordon. He’s one of he last True Guitar-Slingers who run on a high-octane blend of Scorching Blues and Rock’n Roll delivered with both ferocity and passion. I’m always amazed by this Man’s stratospheric Boogies and peerless picking. While others may occupy the same genre as Gordon, no one in Hard Rock-Blues can go the distance with him. A. Grigg, Real Blues Magazine

Living Blues Magazine - By- Mark Uricheck
Recommended for fans of all things Hard-Edged and Knuckle -Busting in the Blues dialect. No Cure snarls like a fine-tuned harley and burns classic British amplifier gasoline.

Cleve Baker - Confessing the Blues Radio - Blues Venom
They rock .... they go together like 2 shots of Bourbon ... Stout & Hot ....

Jay Gordon and his band are one of our favorite ways to rock the blues!" Raves host Dave Johnson of the Blues Deluxe Radio Program, heard weekly on over 100 stations across the US with a two million+ listener-ship

BluesWax Picks: Jay Gordon's Blues Venom No Cure
Phillip Smith says that Jay Gordon's Blues Venom's new release, "No Cure," is one of the best this year

John Vermilyea - The Blues Connection
- Every year I get my fair share of Blues Rock albums submitted to my Network. Jay Gordon's Blues Venom "No Cure" is certainly the best such album to come my way,...

Al Bowman (Los Angeles Music Awards Founder) 100% agree with that statement. This album is bad ass.     You can quote me on that.
Al Bowman You are truly the single best guitarist in LA, maybe the US. Few play like
you Jay.

Bluesrockers.ws - Tom Branson
Jay Gordon - One dictionary defines the phrase "to push the envelope" as "to move beyond the limit of what has usually been done or was the accepted standard". In every generation, we have had recording artists who did just that, whether by introduction of a new style, or by use of some before unknown technique or technology, these musical pioneers moved their respective genres outside of their comfort zones and into entirely revolutionary new musical realms and Jay Gordon does just that.

Vasja Ivanovski (European Blues Gallery Magazine)
Jay Gordon is a blues rock guitarist by definition, full of explosiveness and individualism. He can definitely be counted among those who will put his stamp on the future of blues and rock. His name is spoken with respect from all top guitar players and fans alike. With his unique feelings and killer vocals, Jay Gordon represents a musician or whom there are no boundaries in his musical conquest.Blues Venom - No Cure, shows the whole story.

Cesar from Biker Street Sezer Radio Show =- Midi-Pyrénées, France
"Jay Gordon and his band are a "Grand cru millésimé".

Cashbox - Jay Gordon's "Blues Venom No Cure" CD Review By Scott Thomas
If you like hoppin' straight ahead barrel house, kick'n blues ass music, then here ya go.
It doesn't get much better then this.

Rock City News - G - Man -
Not since Hendrix has a guitarist so infused rock and blues with the spirit of adventure.

Jim Fowler - L A Times - His fingers blaze across the strings spewing out notes in rapid succession like a AK47.
His playing is as much a feat of athleticism as his musicality.