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Take the primal wail of American Blues and amplifythem beyond the point with no limitations. Jay Gordon continues to shake planet earth with hisonslaught of Electric Voodoo Blues. When you listen to this CD you will see how Jay hasmoved the blues forward to the 21st century, infusingthe music with the fire and power of rock while carvingout his

Take the primal wail of American Blues and amplify them beyond the point with no limitations. Jay Gordon continues to shake planet earth with his onslaught of Electric Voodoo Blues. When you listen to this CD you will see how Jay has moved the blues forward to the 21st century, infusing the music with the fire and power of rock while carving out his own place in the music world. This CD features songs like, Dockery's Plantation (for Robert Johnson), World Blues, Slow Burn/Biker Mama, Red Hot Tempered Woman and more, even a bonus track in honor of the late great Phillip Walker.. Joining Jay on this CD is Bassist: Sharon Butcher, Drummer: Rich Gordon Lambert, Hammond B3 & Piano: Harlen Spector, Mississippi Saxophone: Mario Ramirez (Younger brother of the great Richie Valens) also on Hammond B3 & Piano: Rich Wenzel. For all Blues/Rock fans everywhere we created  "Blues Venom – No Cure

2012 Los Angeles Music Awards Jay Gordon was presented his Nomination for "Americana Artist of the Year" from Al Bowman Saturday Night March 10, 2012 at the Hollywood, CA. House of Blues

Jay and his band Blues Venom have also been Nominated for "Rock Album of the Year." It was just announced August 14th, 2012 on KMRJ FM 99.5 The Heat Radio in Palm Springs, Ca That Jay Gordon has received the Producers Choice Award for Rock/Blues Guitarist of the year and Sharon Butcher has received the Producers Choice Award for Rock/Blues Bassist of the year.

Reviews on Jay Gordon's "Blues Venom - No Cure" CD 12-30-2011 BLUES REVUE MAGAZINE BluesWax Picks: Jay Gordon's Blues Venom No Cure Phillip Smith says that Jay Gordon's Blues Venom's new release, "No Cure," is one of the best this year Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom No Cure Self-Released BluesWax Rating: 9 out of 10 Getting bit by Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom newest release, No Cure, is similar to Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive spider. There is no cure, but that’s a good thing. This CD is exceptionally well written, played, and recorded. Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom band consists of Jay Gordon himself on guitar, bassist Sharon Butcher, drummer Rich Gordon Lambert, Harlen Spector, and Rich Welzel sharing credit on the Hammond B3 and piano, and Mario Ramirez (Richie Valens‘ younger brother) on the Mississippi saxophone. No Cure, is composed mostly of originals, but contains a few standout covers. Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom at times is a blend of Seventies’ blues rock bands such as Cream, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, and the Yardbirds. Other times, they are more reminiscent of the Blues Brothers band, with guitar, sax, and keyboards swirling around in a cornucopia of rich, full sound. Coming out of the gate first is “Dockery’s Plantation,” a powerfully intriguing slower-tempo song. This song pays homage to Robert Johnson, who legend has it, met with the devil down at the crossroads near the Dockery Plantation in Mississippi to trade his soul for the ability to play the guitar at a masters level. Immediately following is “World Blues,” in which Gordon sings about witnessing Jesus turn beer into wine, and “Blues Venom,” flavored with white-hot guitar solos, juicy harp licks, and a wall of sound from the B3. “Winds of Thor,” probably one of my favorite tracks, with its softly played organ, is more about the soulful vocals begging for mercy than showcasing Gordon’s mad guitar skills. Another huge and pleasant surprise, is a live cover of Wynonna Judd’s “That Was Yesterday,” a break-up letter to an abusive husband. This is such a great song, and Gordon’s guitar playing is nothing less than spectacular. Most noteworthy is the guitar solo on this one. Every note is played with pure emotion. Two other covers deserve to be mentioned as well. First is Muddy Water’s “Rock Me.” Gordon gets down to business on this one, and plays it close in style to Led Zeppelin’s “You Shook Me.” Slim Harpo’s “King Bee” is the other, a true blues standard infused with high-voltage electricity and discipline. It’s quite a pleaser as well. No Cure is as solid a blues album can be, and I consider one of the best I have heard this year. Phillip Smith is a contributing writer at BluesWax

ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE Search for the Hidden Gem (2011 – vol# 8) Written by Mike Cavanaugh on October 20, 2011 in Music Reviews, Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom - “No Cure” Style (Blues) What really caught my ear with this blues CD is how each studio recorded song has the heart and soul of the live show. I’ve never seen Gordon’s live show but each time I’ve played through this disc I can feel the heat from the stage lights; I can visualize the cigarette smoke rhythmically gyrating seductively in the spot light; I can feel the stretch of every note squeezed out of the guitar strings until they snap from red hot finger picking; my hearing is dialed into the rough grizzled vocals; and I feel energized. Jay Gordon’s new CD includes 10 new tracks and 3 bonus tracks (two of which are in fact live tracks from another CD) that simply get the job done. It’s great to hear a contemporary blues artist who’s been at this for awhile and knows how to write and perform good music. Rating 4 (well done) John Vermilyea Blues Underground Network's Top Picks For January 2012 L.R. Phoenix "The Hollow Log Of Capt. Richard Wolfe", Savoy Brown "Voodoo Moon", Brandon Isaak "Bluesman's Plea", Priscilla's Revenge "Third Gear", Alastair Greene "Through The Rain", Jay Gordon's Blues Venom "No Cure".

"The First time I heard Jay Gordon it invoked musical visions of Stevie Ray Vaughn. King Bee is a great Standard also performed by early Pink Floyd and Jay put a new spin on the tune. "Jay is one the finest blues Guitarist's I have heard in a long time" Program Director KONG

Thanks so much for sending me this excellent album! I've really been enjoying No Cure. What a great band, and the songs are totally solid. I'm definitely interested in working with you guys. Best Regards, David Avery - Powderfinger Promotions 47 Mellen St., Framingham, MA 01702

JAY GORDON’S - BLUES VENOM - No Cure Shuttle Music By opening with homage to Robert Johnson, adding songs by Muddy Waters and Slim Harpo to the program, and featuring 11 originals in this session, Jay Gordon puts his hot guitar and hard-hitting voice into action on this contemporary blues program designed to thrill. With Sharon Butcher on bass, Harlen Spector on keyboards and Rich Gordon on drums, the Blues Venom band rocks. Special guests include Rich Wenzel on piano and organ as well as Mario Ramirez (He’s Richie Valens’ younger brother) on blues harp. Together, they put a mighty powerful blues spell on you and make sure that tradition hasn’t faded away. Gordon gives “Blue Venom” a hearty guitar fire and sings it out slow with plenty of character. He makes “Dockery’s Plantation” sizzle with deep-south southern-fried history. He and Ramirez make “Kickin’ Blues Ass burn with a fast-paced fire­storm and they fry “Mister Max” lightly in the fat of a thousand blues songs that praise man’s determination to keep on going in spite of obstacles. “Slow Burn Biker Mama” changes pace with a slow-as-molasses tempo and a convincing story about what makes for a successful relationship. “Voodoo Boo­gie” keeps in character with much of the CD, driving hard as the Blues Venom band supports Gordon’s passionate vocals. -- Jim Santella - Southland Blues Magazine

2012 - Tom Branson One dictionary defines the phrase “to push the envelope” as “to move beyond the limit of what has usually been done or was the accepted standard”. In every generation, we have had recording artists who did just that, whether by introduction of a new style, or by use of some before unknown technique or technology, these musical pioneers moved their respective genres outside of their comfort zones and into entirely revolutionary new musical realms. I believe that it is a mild understatement for me to say that California based blues/rock guitarist Jay Gordon is an envelope pusher. If you have been shipwrecked for the past several years and not heard any of his work, Gordon is yet another of those phenomenally gifted guitarists, singer/songwriters who for some unknown reason flies just below the collective radars of many mainstream music fans. His explosive playing has drawn comparisons to all past heavyweights of the blues and rock world. But, even though he demonstrates the influences of most great blues/rock guitarists, his work bears little similarity to those before him. While his music is difficult to describe in a few words, let me try by saying that he plays with the intensity of Walter Trout, Frank Zappa or Alvin Lee, the raw passion of Johnny Winter or Hound Dog Taylor, and does it all with the precision of the world’s finest Swiss watch. His work is unpredictable, impossible to categorize, and chaotic. It is also brilliant. If Fender ever decided to build an assault rifle, Jay Gordon would be offered the first Artists model. His latest release “No Cure” from his band Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom may be his very best thus far. The scorching guitar and soulful vocals are there as always, however this time backed by a band that really supports him very well. The rhythm section of Sharon Butcher on bass and Rich Gordon Lambert on drums have tremendous chemistry together and perfectly suited for Gordon’s ferocious ax attack. And Harlen Spector adds the final secret ingredient to the Blues Venom with his Hammond B-3, and his work really adds a lot to the final product. All in all, I think this is my favorite of the lineups that Gordon has used. There are 10 molten tracks on this set and 3 bonus tracks, 2 live ones that are almost overpowering at points. These are not for kiddies, the faint of heart, or people who list Gordon Lightfoot as their favorite guitarist. However, if you are a fan of aggressive, volcanic, cosmic, and grapefruits to the wall blues/rock guitar you are going to love “No Cure” or any of Jay’s other recordings for that matter.

Sergei Andreev thank you so much dear JAY -you are real superstar in center of Europe, but you don't know about it..i own maded 3 radioshow with you in during last 7 years on radiobrest 104.8 fm . My town on border between Belarus and Poland , so welcome please on tour in POLAND or BELARUS on MINSK ARENA !! YOUR BLUES OUTSIDE THE EARTH , YOUR VOICE --CALLING TO UNIVERSE , YOUR GUITAR -CRYING OF SOUL AND HEART . THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS . ALWAYS FOR YOU and for BLUES

Gary Schwind Orange County Music Examiner If I were to tell you that the first song ("Dockery's Plantation") on Blues Venom: No Cure is about Robert Johnson, you might guess that Jay Gordon is a guy who picks an acoustic guitar while stomping on a wooden crate or some other makeshift rhythm instrument. Gordon is definitely a blues artist but he is no acoustic guitar picker. No, Jay Gordon believes in fast fingerwork on guitars played much louder than the average blues band. His style is closer to Gary Moore than Robert Johnson or Mississippi Fred McDowell. The opening song is a good introduction not only to Jay Gordon's style but also to one of the prevailing feels of the album. One of the songs on the album is called "Slow Burn" and if you had to sum up the album in two words, those would be the ones to choose, especially for songs like "Blues Venom" and "Winds of Thor". 4 out of 5 stars The flipside of those slow burning blues tunes can be found in songs like "World Blues". This song sounds a lot like what might happen if Angus Young decided he wanted to be in a blues band. "Kickin' Blues A--" is another song that doesn't fit into the slow burn category, as you might guess from the title. Gordon's version of "King Bee" is equal parts hard blues rock and boogie woogie. Different? Yes, but definitely worthwhile. Blues Venom: No Cure is a solid album of 13 songs that show how Gordon can appeal to fans of both traditional blues as well as fans of rock infused with a healthy dose of blues. If you fall into either category, this is an album worth adding to your collection.

Continue reading on Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Jay Gordon - Los Angeles Music | 2-2-2012 Hi Jay, Sergei Andreev commented on your activity. Sergei wrote: "DEAR JAY !! Great thanks for magic real gifts from you , who 1 february in my hands . i was right-your new cd is too superfantastic modern electric blues on all times as better alive lesson for all musicians this genres forever . My support and promotion for your music in center of Europe FOREVER !! CHEERS , SERGEI !! thanks to you my friendly real superstar , thanks to all your supermusicians and SHARON PERSONAL !!!" It keeps (stone) Blues Rock albums good rain early this year. Now again the latest steps of Jay Gordon And Blues Venom that the title "No Cure" meekreeg. Ten songs and three bonus tracks long our ears spoiled. Besides Jay, vocals and guitar, make Sharon Butcher, bass and vocals, Rich Gordon, drums, and Harlen Spector on Hammond and Piano, a sparkling sound. Most of the songs are written by Gordon but also adorn some clever covers this fine album. Include Muddy Water's "Rock Me" and Slim Harpo's "King Bee", get another long but interesting version. Our musical captivates the aftrapper "Dockery's Plantation." With the known legend of Robert Johnson's encounter with the devil as textual guidance, this is a bit slower, but damn intriguing song become.

Lately we have some (too) many songs which lyrically heard a number of blues artists named are then perhaps our slowly bubbling aversion. Musically however all technical about mustache with this release. Think of the bands that remind you of the blues rock of the seventies and you come anyway on names like Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers and Cream. A rich, full sound, seasoned with wailing guitar solos like in "Blues Venom" to be heard.

Gordon is a phenomenal guitarist see me sometimes reminiscent of Walter Trout. Orchestrated chaos but brilliant at times. You should listen to his version of Naomi Judd's "That Was Yesterday". How he rages it is, to say the least, impressive.

Is this his best album so far? I think it is. His increasingly passionate vocals, his guitar playing and scorching the damn solid rhythm section here and seasoned with a dash Hammond ensure there anyway that this is one of my favorites in this genre has become. For fans of aggressive guitar sound on a blues twist, this feast.

Luc Meert

Cashbox Jay Gordon's "Blues Venom No Cure" CD Review By Scott Thomas Did someone say Elmore James ? The first tune "Dockery's Plantation" has mojo dust all over it. Wow !!! I must say... I think we've got us a live-wire here. Can I get a witness over here yonder? I mean !!! Jay is on fire vocally and guitar-wise too. His vocals have got that sound reminescent of ala Gregg Allan and other like great blues kat legends. And yes, this is 101% pure electric blues. Ya know, like that Kentucky bourbon Wild Turkey 101 proof. Or, for those that are true bourbon drinkers out there, weez likes to calls it "The Dirty Bird" or "Gobble Gobble". And let's not forget "The Kickin’ Chicken"... Yeah, Yawl know who you bourbon sipperz are out there in Bluesville. And Kick'n the Chicken 'round the hen house is what this fine Blues CD does... Jay Gordon covers allot of delta here. His soulful spirit shines through in each song. Jay captures the essence of the Delta Blues that have made others a legend. This musical outing delivers in spades hands down. The songs on "Blues Venom" are raw, loud, proud and full of road house raucous. The song "World Blues" is so combustible that its guaranteed to start a bar fight every time played. And there's the tune "Blues Venom" with the Stevie Ray vibe and the James Cotton-type harp playing. Oh yeah baby ... Take me to levee ... Where's the bridge ? As the CD progresses, I begin to realize just how much I'm really enjoying the overall mix... The music sounds live and in your face in a good way... And man, I can feel those amps pushing air with some awesome blues licks and tone. This has early Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton all over it... Hard Driving Blues !!! Song List:: 1. Dockery's Plantation 2. World Blues 3. Blues Venom 4. Red Hot Tempered Woman 5. Mister Max 6. Kickin Blues Ass 7. Winds Of Thor 8. Voodoo Boogie 9. King Bee 10. Slow Burn Biker Mama Bonus Tracks: 11. Rock Me 12. That Was Yesterday 13. Wiskey Women And Fast Cars There are 10 feisty down and dirty songs on this CD "Blues Venom - No Cure" to include 3 killer bonus tracks. I think I've pretty much given you the flavor of this CD. So if you like hoppin' straight ahead barrel house, kick'n blues ass music, then here ya go. It doesn't get much better then this. 5 out of 5 stars.... Bman's Bluse Re... To purchase this cd or any track on it, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the CD

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